Custom designed illustrated maps, locator maps & site plans
that draw people to your business!

City Explorer™ have been producing 3-D illustrated maps, guides, locator maps, site plans and cartoon fun maps for over 25 years.

Our popular guides have been published and distributed for cities and towns in Europe, Canada and the USA. These beautifully illustrated birds eye view illustrated aerial maps are used to visually promote the unique characteristics, attractions, services and features and businesses of any city, town, campus or destination. They are not only eye-catching but prove to be extremely successful at drawing customers to participating businesses in towns, cities and destinations and are the ideal solution to help mark or commemorate any special event.

Our Custom Maps Offer Everything You Need In A Map and More!

The attractive and detailed map illustration offers a visual, simple and informative way of exploring a city, town or destination as well as offering an intuitive and unique way for people to re-acquaint themselves with local independent shops, businesses and services in their area.

The City Explorer™ illustrated 3-D aerial maps and guides have been produced since 1989 and the popularity of the publications with both sponsors and clients in North America and Europe has contributed to the company's long-term success. It is through our commitment to listen to our clients needs that City Explorer have adapted the mapping style from a ‘cartoon map’ or ‘fun map’ into a comprehensive detailed birds eye view drawing.

Illustrated maps (also known as Aerial Maps or Aerial View Maps) show an oblique view from a bird’s eye-view perspective and are not always drawn to scale as there is a bit of an interpretive ‘artistic license’ required to enhance certain geographical features, streets, key buildings etc. Our Illustrated aerial maps help our clients deliver their message through a unique and interesting artistic medium. Have a look at some of our illustrated maps we have produced over the years and see the benefits that a City Explorer™ map or guide can offer your City, Town, Campus or Destination. To find out how your city, town or destination can be produced in its own unique and characteristic format contact us today.

Illustrated Map Samples

Custom Designed Locator Maps

Making sure your visitors can find you and get to you effortlessly is important to anyone that needs to bring in customers and a professionally designed locator map guiding your clients and customers to your business can help give your business that extra professional edge. Designed to your personal requirements, City Explorer™ Locator Maps are customised to your specific requirements
  • Shows the most direct and easiest routes to your office by foot or transport.
  • Your customised maps are supplied Royalty FREE for your unlimited use.
  • Supplied to you in different formats for use in print, brochures, flyers, websites, e-mail, posting or faxing.
Researched to your personal requirements, City Explorer™ Locator Maps are custom tailored to your specifications. The most direct and easiest routes to your office are illustrated, including different transport information

Locator Map Samples

Professionally Designed Royalty FREE Locator Maps include:

  • Major landmarks can be illustrated.
  • Duplication of the actual road signs
  • Simplified road layouts
  • Arrows to indicate the correct route
  • Supplied in colour and in black&white
  • Supplied to you on CD for use in brochures, flyers, websites, e-mail, posting, faxing and more.
  • Each route or mode of transport can be shown and explained.
  • Every map designed to your personal specification, for any requirement and format.
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